The Brief

The challenging task was to surprise the lady by making her dream come true. Fond of horses, she has been fantasising about riding on the beach ever since she was 5 years old. Being that a partial birthday present, we also had to combine it with additional celebration elements and make this day truly special.

Our Solution

Having negotiated with local council private hire of 5 mile sandy beach in Isle of Wight, we had to figure out how to make the travelling experience as smooth as possible. The helicopter sightseeing tour over London, Cotswolds and Jurassic coast, an afternoon spent in one of the aristocratic residences in Ascot and a private dinner at the Duke of Somerton Residence – we made sure that the client will never forget this birthday.

The Result

It was amazing. Every step of the day worked perfectly well as a surprise including riding gear waiting in the changing room on the island, favourite wine for lunch in the gardens, best loved music band performing privately for the couple in the evening and a 10 minutes mind blowing fireworks display with special music and hearts in the end. #Love

You've been amazing foreseeing all the possible happenings and making sure surprise works as planned. Mrs was very happy and could not stop smiling. It's priceless.

Executive PA

Who is behind this?

There is always a talent behind any small or big event, adding some character, smoothness and humour to it. Meet our vibrant and hardworking team who can help you make any miracle happen!