The Brief

Phillip Morris International (PMI) had a mission to motivate top Clients with an inspiring and memorable prize adventure. The slogan of the project was ‘Lose Yourself in The Bermuda Triangle’, and the Client’s main objective was to surprise the guests every minute of every day. The incentive had to include a ‘wow’ welcome reception and some free time on the beach on one of the days.

Our Solution

We created a concept and linked various activities of the trip to the central prize winning idea, focusing on the customer loyalty to the company. Through us all the participants were to discover the unbelievable hidden gems of the World’s most mysterious islands and participate in activities they would never have dreamt of doing in their lives. We filled the trip with contrasting elements from the simple to the luxurious.

The Result

We got the special permission from the Bermuda Government to use one of the most beautiful beaches on the Island. That allowed us to organise a fantastic welcome celebration with local entertainment, music, dancing and colourful costumes. Our guests learnt how to dance gombey, reggae, play gospel, steelpan, calypso, as well as the unusual Bermudian music - array of bagpipe. In the end all the objectives were achieved and the Incentive was a great success.

It was either a dream or a fairy tale – I can’t say exactly. But what is clear is that the whole event was organised to the highest level, and we were about to lose ourselves in the Bermuda triangle and dissolve in the ocean. Big thank you to the organisers and the Bond Street brand of Phillip Morris!

Happy customer

Who is behind this?

There is always a talent behind any small or big event, adding some character, smoothness and humour to it. Meet our vibrant and hardworking team who can help you make any miracle happen!