Your Goals

The types, flavours, colours of the goals we pursue are various, but it usually starts from what you would like to achieve. Inspire your audience with your brand and product. Create fans of your company. Engage with your Clients and employees. Increase your sales. Motivate your team. Spoil your VIPs. Create private memorable experiences. Treat yourself and your loved ones.

Our Solutions

We step in and make it happen. Always analysing your needs and targets, we will create the most outstanding Spanish program, where accommodation, venues, logistics and entertainment will be all linked to central concept. We are the experts, the ones running in the background, invisible and approachable at any times. We’ve been told that we are great to do business with.

Professional, trustworthy and reliable, with C-Wise you are in great hands!

Hilary P. – CX Loyalty


Caring, inspiring and attentive professionals, fulfilling the roles of artists, advisors and engineers for your events and travel itineraries. Combining years of experience and freshness of ideas, we tend do be easy and fun to work with.


We have been organising all sorts of events since May 1992. Not to mention we also did a lot of hard work before that! We have gained a good reputation, a decent name in the industry and a lot of friends. Our expertise and continuous input keep us as favourites for our returning Clients.


We would like to believe that the ‘idea’ is our strong point and that's what helps us to stand out of the crowd. We are driven by intelligent creativity, coming up with unique solutions for different brands and occasions. No matter how small or big your requirements are!

Can we help you?

More than likely! Whether it's a corporate event, family party or a helicopter ride, we know how to make it happen! Discover our key services that can make your life interesting, exciting and easier with us!